Before you start using personal office in AGAM, you need to log in. For this you will need to make several simple steps:
First you need to visit company`s site where you will find “Personal office” button. This is the entrance to personal office.
After pressing this button you will proceed to menu of registration.
After clicking “Login” button located below “Register” button choose your language.
Then enter your phone number indicated during registration and password.
After successful entrance into your personal office, you will see work space and left menu.
Work space
First of all you can see plastic card which may be ordered in Ecobank.
Then you can see your balance and amount of invested funds shown in two currencies: euro and dollar.
Below this menu you will find all packages available for purchasing. Also packages purchased on this account. In this space you can check what amount you have already invested and amount of withdrawn funds.
If you do not want to pay extra money for additional services, then you should better disable insuring function. You can do that by pressing “Config” button and uncheck “Insurance” item.
In the same tab you can see report on income for last week.
Left menu
In the upper left corner there are indicated: your name, id, verification status and security level. There are 4 security levels available on the site. Therefore you may freely choose the one suitable exactly for you.
Below there are 8 tabs. Let`s take a look at them.
1. Account
In this tab you can refill your balance, withdraw funds from personal account, exchange money from one currency into another and vice versa, or transfer funds to other partner.
2. Profile
This tab contains important information necessary for your verification.
3. Documents
In this tab you can review investor`s agreement available in two languages. Also using this tab you can immediately sent copy of your agreement.
4. History
Here you can monitor all account transactions conducted by you: purchasing investment package, transactions or profit on investment package and as well funds withdrawal.
If you do not need some of provided data, you can simply uncheck them.
5. Managers
In this tab you can learn results of activity of 25 managers of AGAM, beginning from 2013. This will help you to understand how the site works and analyze you possible mistakes.
6. News
Here you will find information about all company`s events. This section is updated weekly which helps to constantly monitor news. So you won`t miss anything important.
7. Messages
Here you can address question to various departments of the company: financial, legal, consulting or technical. Best specialist of the company will gladly answer all questions in which you`re interested.
8. Logout
When you completed all necessary transactions in your personal office, you can leave it by pressing “Logout” button.
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