Counting profits once a week, quick payments, great partnership program, and much more…

Profit: EUR 231.140.899 earned by the company in 2015.

Thanks to proper business decisions, our company doubles its financial results each year.

4-6% profit weekly counted on every Friday.

Depending on the investment packages you have, they generate proportional profits, you can withdraw or reinvest your profits weekly.

Official agreement on principles of cooperation.

It is sent with a personal certificate of account ownership.

A guarantee fund keeps your money safe

The guarantee fund amounted EUR 53.972.112 on 1 January 2016.

Varied investment packages adjusted to your financial capabilities.

You do not need to have great financial assets to earn profits from your shares in Questra Holdings.

Clear career plan motivating to create own team

Moreover, bonus program enables you to earn additional profits as a thank you for your contribution to creating business.


Investmentfunds since 2009 – Weekly Profit: 4 – 6 %

Everybody can make money with Questra Holdings

The company Questra Holdings offers investors around the world start making and carry out their plans and dreams while running a promising business of purchase and sale of shares of the companies making initial public offering of their securities on the stock exchange (IPO).Our unique business model and a specially developed product investor`s portfolio, allows to start business today, from the comfort of your own home. With multi-million dollar profits and thoughtful marketing plan, we can confidently state that we will satisfy the interests of any client.

If the company is promising and dynamic, and the sphere in which it operates has great potential, the company will rapidly develop, and the value of its shares on the stock exchange will only increase, bringing their owners unprecedented profits from 10 to 3 000%. Billion market of the IPO


Meet the team leader

Yusuf Idris

Yusuf Idris

Online Entrepreneur / Network Marketer

I am Yusuf Idris, an internet marketer and online entrepreneur with over 3years’ experience in this field of business.


What clients say


Fashion Designer

Questra is the company of the century, it is here to change people's lives for the best lifestyle. Testers come and have a taste of the fruits of Questra.

Hanson Deck

Hanson Deck

Business Owner

Join the World's largest and fastest growing company. The company was created to change peoples' lives. pay every Friday, one of top company in the world<br />No monthly fees<br />No monthly targets<br />No product to sales door to door<br />Thanks for change my life.Questar world &Atlantic Global is really the best company out in online world�����

Rofiat Aseshina

Rofiat Aseshina

Great company. You have changed the lives of so many people the world over....including mine. Thank you Questra World. Thank you Jose M. Gilbert. Thank you Antonio V. Robalo. Thank you my entire TEAM partners.

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